Alarm, snooze, repeat

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Madeline Bernard

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Alarm clocks. School bells. Caffeine. Homework. Social lives. These are all factors taken into consideration when a student attending Etowah wakes up for school. Students spend their own mornings in a variety of ways.

Some early birds get up to study or work on homework. The extra time in the morning ensures that one will not be late.

“I get up at 5:00 and start doing homework,” Alex Fiscarelli, junior, said.

On the other hand, some students barely make the bell due to different setbacks.

“Since most of my nights are full of homework, I most of the time do not get much sleep. So when my alarm rings, I will usually ignore it and roll back to sleep until I realize I’m late,” Nicole VanTress, junior, said.

Most students, however, get to their classes with minutes to spare and have a stress free morning at Etowah.

“I spend every morning in the band room, and I usually get to class right when the bell rings because it is right next to my first period,” Ryan Loftland, freshman, said.

Etowah students will continue to spend their own mornings in different ways, but when that tardy bell rings, students know it is time to start a new school day.

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