Junior: Emma Kosbe


What is your favorite part about being an Etowah Eagle?

I’d say my favorite part about being an Etowah Eagle would be being able to choose courses that have always interested me, like the Agriculture Pathway. Working with animals in those classes has given me more responsibility, and being able to see them everyday is definitely a highlight.

What is your favorite subject and why?

My favorite subject is Literature mainly because I’ve always been a huge book lover ever since I was little. I really enjoy being able to immerse myself in different classical stories and share my thoughts.

As of now, what career do you see yourself pursuing?

As of now, a career that I’m interested in pursuing would have to be a Therapist. I’ve always known that I wanted to help people when I get older, and I really enjoy giving advice to help others during their struggles.

What clubs/sports are you involved in at Etowah?

I was previously involved in the French Honor Society, and I have continued to participate in the FFA club since Freshman year.

If you were to go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

One place that I would love to travel to would be Greece. The unbelievable landscape has captured my attention, and the vibrant culture and food pique my interest even more. I really hope to visit the country very soon, so I can enrich my understanding of more cultures!