Feast on this


The holiday season is a time for giving and gathering around with friends and family. During sixth period lunch, Etowah sophomores held their second annual potluck feast.  

“We had a wonderful time celebrating the Christmas season with friends and family, and I’m happy for the great food we got to eat and share,” Jonathan Goode, sophomore, said.  

Everyone contributed to the fun. From bringing cups and napkins, to paper plates and a fully cooked ham, the students ate like kings.  

“I thought it was a fun way to kick off finals week. I have never done something like it before, and it was funny to see others looking at all the food we brought,” Caroline Kapcsos, sophomore, said.  

The idea for the potluck came about last year by Goode and former Etowah student Ben Moore. The two were joking around during lunch about how funny it would be if everyone at their lunch table brought in food as if they were having a holiday dinner. Their joke soon became a reality, as everyone agreed to bring in something, thus commencing the first potluck lunch.  

“Yet again, people doubted us. They thought ‘surely, you’re not going to bring a ham to school.’ Lesson is: you don’t think it be like that, but it do,” Connor Fisher, sophomore, said.  

Whether one unexpectedly throws together a holiday meal or has been planning for months about a family get together, the Talon hopes everyone has a great food-filled break.