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Dear Etowah…
April 19, 2022

Everybody has heard the phrase “Christmas is about giving not getting.” During the holiday season many people are  shopping for gifts, baking cookies, and wrapping presents. Families are usually too busy during the holidays to think about donating to families who may need assistance. The charities below count on donations especially during the holidays.

Salvation Army  

This year, the Salvation Army is taking donations in front of stores and online. Visit their website  to donate money, which helps families locally.

Toys for Tots

Donate new unopened toys and drop them off at one of the “Toys for Tots” drop off locations. The U.S Marine Corps will deliver the toys to the children in the community.

Stuffed animals For Emergencies

This charity collects stuffed animals and gives them to kids who are less fortunate. This charity is run by volunteers. who want to help make children feel safe during an incredibly stressful time in their lives.

Feeding America

During the holidays, many children go hungry. Go to Feeding America’s website, Donating as little as a dollar provides ten meals to families and children.

Remember those less fortunate this holiday season. It is about giving to those in need.