Variations of vacations

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Kat Kochansky

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April 19, 2019
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Variations of vacations

The end of the first semester tends to feel like holding your breath. The last few days of finals seem to drag on forever. Finally, the long break between semesters is a time for relaxation and adventure. 

The extended break allows for lengthier, more exotic trips. Many students spend time with out-of-state family and friends during their time off. 

“I’m going to California with my family,” Maddy Sansone, sophomore, said. 

Other students plan on heading out of the country to relax. 

“My entire family (cousins and all) are all going to Turkey. We love Turkey because it is a beautiful place that we’ve all been to before and enjoyed many times. We plan on spending quality time with each other,” Hamza Khan, sophomore, said. 

Continental adventures are also on the itinerary for other Etowah students.  

“I am going to New Orleans to watch the Sugar Bowl,” Brett Farmer, freshman, said. 

Many students opt to stay home and celebrate the holidays within the familiar border of Woodstock. 

“I will be staying home celebrating Christmas with my family,” Patrick Kinsella, junior, said. 

No matter how students plan on spending their time off, the Talon wishes everyone a safe and refreshing break.

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