Chronicling Christmas

Chronicling Christmas

On the first Christmas without their father, the Pierce children are struggling to get in the holiday spirit, but a little Christmas magic changes everything. In the new Netflix original movie, the “Christmas Chronicles,” main characters Katie and Teddy Pierce, two troublesome siblings, plan to stay up and catch Santa Claus on camera but end up going on an extraordinary expedition to save Christmas.  

The surprises begin when the siblings first encounter Santa Claus. Katie is determined to stay up late and catch Santa on camera. Teddy reluctantly agrees with the scheme when Katie promises not to snitch on him to their mom. When the siblings see Santa, eager to get a closer look, they climb into the back of his sleigh. 

When Santa realizes that the siblings are in his sleigh, frightened, he loses control and crashes. Santa loses his sack of presents, his reindeer, and most importantly, his magical hat. When Katie goes on a quest to locate the wayward reindeer, Santa hotwires a car and ends up in jail while troubled teen Teddy ends up in a gang’s headquarters. 

No need to worry, though. This is a Christmas movie, so all wrongs are righted, and everyone discovers the true meaning of the holiday. 

For anyone looking to get into the Christmas spirit, this movie, which is currently the most popular movie on Netflix, is worth the watch.