The wizard of Etowah

Garrett Estes

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There is a hidden hero behind every leader.  Bethany Reams, the secretary to assistant principal Ken Nix, Etowah’s Athletic Director, pulls the vital strings to Etowah’s sports games while most students remain unaware of the fact that athletic events would be impossible without her.  

“The coaches do their own scheduling as far as who they are going of play and when, but I make sure they have the facilities that they need here and make sure that if they have got a home game, like for the gym, that they have air conditioning and heat,” Reams said.

Reams must take on many fundamental jobs, including budgeting, confirming schedules, and approving student eligibility, in order for games to run smoothly.

“[If] you played a student who wasn’t eligible, then you would have to forfeit that game,” Reams said.

Since 2008, Reams has been working behind the scenes to ensure that Etowah’s athletic programs run as planned. Everything she does directly affects the students and the school as a whole; however, next year Reams plans to call it quits.

“That will be it for me.  I am going to retire and spend some more time with my grandson,” Reams said.

Long after Reams has left the position, her legacy will live on through the work she has done for the past decade.