Munching on time

Every day, Etowah students have the advantage of a full hour for lunch, which most schools do not provide. How they spend this free time is up to them. Students use their time differently, and it varies from day to day and student to student. 

During lunch, the library is full of students doing homework and classwork. Students use their lunch period to get unfinished assignments done before class or alleviate the amount of work they will have in the afternoon.  

“Homework would be the most productive but could be anti-productive for your later classes if you are tired that day,” Ryan Waltman, senior, said. 

Students have different preferences when it comes to their lunch time; many students find it more timesaving to spend their lunch talking to friends, watching YouTube, eating, or just relaxing as they take a break from their classes. They think it is better to get their work done at home and use lunch as a free period.  

“I think the most productive thing to do is eat. You need to make sure that you have good nutrients in your body to make sure you have energy for the day,” Lindsey Phillips-Leo, senior, said.  

Other than homework and free time, some students will use their lunch for planning activities and working on assignments due to get ahead. Planning is a common thing among teens since many not only have school and homework, but also attend afternoon activities that require their time.   

“Typically, at lunch, I try to plan out what I need to do for the week … I’m either planning my work or I am doing work on my computer to finish my Senior Project,” Taylor Sawdy, senior, said.    

Using time effectively during lunch can keep homework, due dates, and stress from biting into time.