Etowah’s new power couple

Garrett Estes

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Etowah High School is a revolving door of students and teachers alike; this year, new special education and literature teacher, Cole Ross is marching through that door.

I have always wanted to be a teacher, but my second grade teacher inspired me to pursue my dream,” Ross said.

Ross loves Etowah because of the sense of community and being able to teach near his wife, Nicole Ross, also a teacher.

“We are only a few doors down from each other,” Ross said.

Despite both Ross and his wife being in the special education department, they do not get to collaborate much due to their different content areas; Ross still feels like they have a better relationship because he gets to spend so much time with his wife.

“We love working together; we ride together often; we’ve only been married since June, so we’ve never had an experience like this,” Ross said.

Ross’s previous experience in different schools includes working the After School Program, substituting, and monitoring the cafeteria.

I taught eighth grade language arts, advanced language arts, and advanced literature/composition at Woodstock Middle School last year,” Ross said.

He loves the students, his co-workers, his department, and the spirit of the school.  Most of all, Ross loves to teach.