Friday night frenzy

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Holly Kate O’Brien

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Friday night frenzy

Football players are not the only ones getting ready for the Friday night lights. Students, parents, and members of the community are all involved in painting the town blue.

“Every Thursday night, I go out and buy the paint I need to paint my body for that game. It takes me an hour and a half to paint myself and an hour to wash off the paint. I’ve got stellar school spirit,” Aidan McDermott, sophomore, said.

Before the game, the Touchdown Club provides dinner and a specific seat number for those who pay in advance. These people are assigned spots in the stadium, so they will not have to worry about finding one before the game starts.

“We love the Touchdown Club. You have designated parking. You don’t have to wait to buy a ticket; you have a designated seat that is not overcrowded, and they feed you dinner before the game. It is the best way to experience Etowah football,” Amber Allen, junior varsity cheer mom, said.

Along with fan attendance, EETV crew members stream the game live. Football fans may see some members in the press box above the student section videotaping.

“Being at the football games doing video is really fun to do. You earn community service hours by filming the games, and in my opinion, it’s a really fun way to earn a letter for community service, while also learning more about what you love to do,” Max Woolford, sophomore, said.

Down on the sidelines, cheerleaders raise school spirit by interacting with the crowd. Each home game, they paint a banner and will often give their megaphones to the student section in order to excite them.

“The student section really brings it on Friday nights. Cheering on the track and looking back at the student section jumping up and down for our team, gives me chills. Also, the band is awesome, and every time they come out onto the track, I get so hype,” Caroline Booth, senior, said.

Along with  the cheerleaders, the band also strives to make sure the players, students, teachers, and parents have a good time. At halftime, the band performs this year’s show, The Catalyst.

“We have enjoyed the crowd’s response to our halftime show this season. They have been extremely supportive. That kind of support encourages my students to perform better and to have more fun during their performance,” Stephen Long, band director, said.

Everyone is welcome to Etowah’s games and cheer on the boys. We hope to see you Friday Oct. 26 at Lassiter High School supporting our football players.

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