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YouTube is the new cable

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Reece Godwin

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February 14, 2019

Hey, and what is up you guys! It is ya boi, Reece Godwin, comin’ in with another article hot off the press.

YouTube has been around since 2006, but only in the last year or so has it become more popular than television shows. There is a wide array of videos such as: beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle, which makes YouTube enjoyable for everyone.

“I like watching YouTube better than TV because everything is on there, and TV is limited and has long commercials,” Parker Hughes, junior, said.

Most avid YouTube watchers love David Dobrik and the “Vlog Squad.” They record skits and pranks that make their audience laugh, which has brought Dobrik over nine million subscribers. They are the most popular group on YouTube right now.

“It’s entertaining to see the old popular Viners still making funny videos,” Sarah Trotta, senior, said.

Another top-ranking vlogger, Emma Chamberlain, has accumulated over four million subscribers in under two years on YouTube. Her viewers relate to her because she does not have a filter and does not try to portray her life as perfect, which many people on social media do. She records herself doing normal activities, like cooking or running errands but finds a way to make it funny and entertaining. Vloggers’ audiences enjoy watching them live their everyday life.

“I love watching vlogs about people working out and cooking healthy meals because it motivates me to be productive,” Paige Tallman, senior, said.

James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Bethany Mota are some of the many beauty gurus that everyone is watching. Beauty tutorials are what first set YouTube apart from television and have quickly become some of the most popular videos.

“My favorite people to watch are Jaclyn Hill and Jeffree Star! They are so fun and always have a twist on the basic videos other beauty gurus make,” Olivia Hare, sophomore, said.

The “Dad of YouTube,” Shane Dawson, has been uploading videos to YouTube for over a decade. As one of the first famous YouTubers, Dawson uploads comedic videos, but in the last year he has been solely known for conspiracy theories and making investigative documentaries.

“I like watching Shane’s videos because they aren’t scripted, and they are more original than others,” Callie Cole, senior, said.

As the emerging generation rises, it seems YouTubers are becoming the new actors.

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YouTube is the new cable