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Soaring to success

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McKenna Guinn

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November 16, 2018

Everyone has classes where students feel they are constantly racking their brains for information, time, and effort that one does not possess. Those are the classes that, without help, students can fail faster than they can snap their fingers. Fortunately, the East W.I.N.G. at Etowah East is here to help. 

“When I was struggling in literature last year, my teacher referred me to the East W.I.N.G. I was skeptical about it at first, but everyone ended up being so accepting and helpful. Students are extremely lucky to have this as a tool for high school,” Chris Spenelli, junior, said.  

The East W.I.N.G. is a tutoring service Etowah offers. Juniors and seniors can sign up to be ninjas. The ninjas excel in the subjects they tutor, such as math, literature, and even organizational skills. This way, students struggling in any subject can match with a ninja to help them with specific topics. 

“When students come in, they usually need help on math or editing a paper, so we have different methods to apply to each situation. They are very effective in assisting the students in need of extra help,” Lily Wardrip, junior ninja, said.  

The ninjas help students with projects, proofread essays, advise on homework, and improve students’ school performance. Heather Barton, literature teacher, is the advisor. Her classroom is in the East W.I.N.G., so she is always there to help students. 

“The East W.I.N.G. is designed to be a place where students can get help from other students who have previously had the same teacher. It just makes the tutoring better when they can mold the sessions to the teacher’s teaching,” Barton said.  

Not many schools in the district offer a tutoring service like the East W.I.N.G., so take advantage of it. If a student is interested in making an appointment at the East W.I.N.G., click here, and follow the sign-up directions on the page. Select a tutor and a time slot, and submit a brief description on where the ninjas can help. After that, it is smooth soaring from there. 

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