How to boost your transcript

School is back in session, and students are working to showcase their intelligence. Competition is a human instinct, and it is no different when it comes to school; many students strive to be the best. Besides pure academics, there are other ways students can boost their transcripts to appeal to colleges.  

One of the most obvious ways to draw a college’s attention is through sports. Student athletes are highly sought after in the collegiate world, and Etowah makes it relatively easy to join one. Although some sports seasons have already started, Etowah’s winter sports are beginning tryouts. Students can attend tryouts for a variety of athletic teams: volleyball, football, softball, basketball, gymnastics, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, swimming, and golf. 

Colleges also focus heavily on standardized tests scores, specifically the ACT and SAT. Average SAT scores for students that are admitted into colleges across the nation ranges from 880 to a perfect score of 1600. Depending on the stature of the college students are looking into, the ACT scores typically range from as low as a 15, but most colleges typically look for a score around low to mid 20s. Students are allowed to take the SAT as many times as they like, but the ACT has a limit of 12 attempts. SAT and ACT prep classes are offered at many tutoring centers as well as on Khan Academy to help students prepare for the tests. 

Colleges consider themselves to be a community, so when they are selecting their student body, they look for a sense of community in potential students, too. Being involved in clubs or extracurricular activities is a great way to give oneself an edge over other applicants who may not have been as involved throughout their high school career. A list of clubs offered at school can be found on Etowah’s homepage under the Student Activities tab.  

Although college is not meant for every student, those who are planning on pursuing a higher education can make themselves stand out in the crowd of applicants by following their passions and working diligently.