Safety time

Garrett Estes

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Every year, Etowah introduces new ideas to improve the school. Last year, it was the Cross Campus Release bell. This year, it is Etowah’s newest safety policies.  As with all changes to Etowah, this has been a discussion topic between students and teachers alike.

  The new policy says that in the event of a emergency, students are to listen to teacher instructions. When the threat is contained, students will move to the New Gym, and then to the football field to be accounted for.  Afterwards, students will be dismissed.

“I don’t think that they prevent anything because if there is a school shooter who attends the school, then everything becomes useless, and it really provides limited escape routes,” Cameren White, junior, said.

  This policy has brought debate among Towne Lakers. Some fear that moving the crowd around will put them in harm’s way. Others believe keeping everyone together in a safe area will help prevent further endangerment to students.

  “Obviously all of that stuff is very expensive. At least it is a start, and it is moving in the right direction,” Robert Horn said.

  In addition to this new procedure, Etowah is installing a new doorbell system at certain entrances.  People will have to buzz in before they will be allowed to enter, and the doors will stay locked otherwise.  This is to prevent any unwanted guests from accessing the school.

  “I think it gives us an opportunity to ensure that only Etowah students are coming into the building,” Beth Garriques said.

    This is a complicated issue with seemingly no one answer. While this change may not be the final one, it is a step in the direction of making Etowah safer.