Sliding into a new season


The sun is hot. Heat waves radiate from the dirt. The crack of the bat echoes through the stadium and can be heard throughout the field as the girls run their drills. This is an average day for the members of Etowah’s varsity softball team. 

After finishing their season in Columbus last year as state runners-up, the varsity softball team has set a new goal. This year, they want to push their limits and finish their season strong as overall state champions in Columbus. With the help of head coach Victoria Carter, the team is putting in the work at practices and games to make that goal a reality. 

“This year it’s more about getting there and finishing it with a state championship,” Carter said. 

During the team’s three hour after-school practices, the coaches and athletes bond while they train. Carter loves to see how each girl on the team excels throughout her high school coaching career, as well as how the team advances together as a whole.  

“Watching them mature as players and grow is really very exciting,” Carter said. 

The girls love how close they get after seeing each other every day and try to remind each other of their goals while they are on the field. 

“We try and motivate each other to get better and getting close while on bus rides while also putting in a lot of hard work every day on the field,” Abby Billings, sophomore varsity player, said. 

Come out and support the Etowah varsity softball players. The next stop on the road to Columbus is Apr. 28 at Etowah at 6pm.