Connecting Eagles


In order to pump up school spirit, two passionate teachers have teamed up to create a new club focusing solely on Eagles supporting Eagles. Amanda Massey, economics teacher, and Victoria Carter, math teacher envision Eagle Connections to bring students together to revive school spirit. 

“I am excited that some of our students can help bring some spirit out to whatever sport is in season. I am excited to see what we incorporate into pep rallies and all sporting events,” Dalton Miller, junior, said.  

Club members plan student section and pep rally activities throughout the year. 

We already have a great group of students representing the club; if you want to be a part of it next year, turn in applications at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. 

“Eagle Connections is going to be the club to bring back all the school spirit to Etowah, and it’s so exciting to see other students trying to get involved and get excited about all the new ideas we have,” Ally Zazzara, sophomore, said. 

In an effort to revamp Etowah, Eagle Connections has taken down all the outdated photos of students around Etowah’s campus, and has replaced them with relevant pictures. Pictures of student athletes and school functions showcasing current students are already visible around school. 

“We are looking for the future of the club to bring a lot of school spirit and culture back to Etowah and create some new traditions at the school. We want to focus on not just athletics but also any event or organization on campus,” Carter said. 

Etowah Connections wants students, teachers, and the community to know that the club’s goal is to support Etowah and make students and teachers proud.