Dear Etowah…

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Dear Etowah…

Dear Freshmen, 

Three hundred and sixty-something days ago, I was sitting in the exact same seat that you sit in every day in class. Okay, maybe not the exact same seat that you sit in, but our situations are quite similar.  

Etowah can be confusing to navigate when you are introduced to hundreds of new classmates and new teachers. But do not worry. I have been through the same classrooms and hallways as you, and spoiler: I made it through freshman year (barely, I almost broke a fingernail). 

The first thing you need to remember is to bring a map of the school with you. Etowah is a huge school, so getting lost during your freshman year is bound to happen. If you want to prevent yourself from getting tardies, print out a copy of the school map to carry with you. For rainy days, a laminated copy is a great idea.  

Once you find a route to your classes, becoming efficient is key to making it on time. For some longer trips, it is totally acceptable to run. In fact, if you run to your classes, people will often cheer you on!  

Aside from making it to classes, freshman year is also filled with tons of fun opportunities and new activities. Sure, there are sports games, but the real fun is after school during the warmer months. The pool on top of the New Gym is open during the summer, August, September, and opens again in March for the spring. To buy a pass, contact senior Rhod Many. 

“This year I’m in charge of selling passes, and I recommend a season pass. Season passes are great because you get access to the waterslide,” Many said. 

And do not let anyone tell you there is not a pool. They are just trying to keep the freshmen out. 


Kat Kochansky, sophomore

Dear Sophomores,

So, you made it through freshman year. Hopefully you realized there was never a pool, and now you can convince the freshmen that there is one. You know your way around the school, so getting to all your classes is so much more efficient. If you avoided drama your first year, then keep it up because sophomore year is full of stressed out teens who will argue with you over immature topics.
Even though you are no longer a “freshie,” that does not mean you can act all high and mighty around school. You guys are still an underclassman. If you are doing something stupid, like stopping in the middle of the hallway, upperclassmen will push you out of the way. If you are still acting like a freshman, stop because you will be treated like one.
Some of you guys may be taking your first advanced placement class. Last year, I sat in an AP class for the first time scared of the monster I signed up for. Once you get the swing of things, it gets less terrifying. I recommend finding a group of friends to study with because someone is bound to understand the material. If the class you are taking has reading quizzes, then read it. Also, make sure you do all your busy work because it will help boost up those not-so-great quiz and test grades.
Overall, sophomore year is not that bad. It is the year most of you start to drive, the year you gain more freedom, the year you realize your true friends, and the last year that you are considered an underclassman. When you start to get stressed, take a deep breath and remember: GO HOME FRESHMEN!

Angel Beltran, junior

Dear Juniors,

There is so much potential for this to be the best year of your high school career, or maybe even the best school year in general. It was for me. This is the year where you start to discover what you really want to do with your life and where you meet the people that will remain with you.

My junior year was when I realized that I did not have to do anything for the approval of others. Instead, I started doing things to better myself. I knew that I enjoyed writing and my literature classes, so I continued to take AP Lang, but I stopped trying to take all APs just because I thought that was the cool thing to do. My first tip to you would be to push yourself in areas that you love. It is okay to take a regular class. Do not be ashamed of the classes you take or the level you are at just because someone takes other classes. Do your personal best and be satisfied with that.

Outside of academics, now that you are an upperclassman, football games, dress up days, and clubs are yours. This is the best time to embrace your school spirit and get involved. These are the times you will remember when you are all grown up. With that being said, my second tip is to go all out for your school. Look like a smurf for the blue-outs and lose your voice cheering at pep rallies. Life is too short not to.

My final tip to you is to stay focused, and do not procrastinate. Yes, I know this is easier said than done, and no, I cannot say that I always took my own advice in this regard. But you guys can be better than I was, and if you prioritize your homework over taking a nap or watching Netflix, I promise you will be so happy you did not procrastinate in the long-run. Plus, you will feel like you really do deserve that nap once you are all finished.

You guys are going to do great this year,

Reece Godwin, senior

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