Sophomore: Maggie Bradley


What is your favorite part about being an Etowah Eagle?  

My favorite part of being an Etowah Eagle is the flexibility you have to pursue the classes of your interest as well as all of the opportunities you are given. With so many clubs, organizations, and sports teams, it is hard not to get involved! 

What is your favorite subject and why?  

This question is hard because I am such a dork and love all of the classes at school so much! If I had to choose a favorite, however, I would choose math. Math always offers me new challenges, and the feeling of solving a long or difficult problem is hard to match in other classes. 

As of now, what career do you see yourself pursuing?  

Right now, I really want to devote my life to being a neurosurgeon.  

What clubs/ sports are you involved in at Etowah?   

I am president of the sophomore class, treasurer or Etowah’s HOSA chapter, a member of Eagle Connections, and last year was captain of JV Girls’ Soccer, and a member of Varsity Girls’ Soccer. 

If you were to go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?  

If I could afford a ticket, I would go to Italy! It would be amazing to see all the beautiful architecture and visit their multitude of museums. Best of all, I would love to try genuine Italian food… and coffee!