Words of wisdom from seniors


  For many upcoming seniors, the stress of applying to college, creating a class schedule that increases their appeal to their future schools, and finishing up with every other high school commitment can seem daunting. For many, with all of these responsibilities, Senior Project can feel like a dark cloud in the excitement of graduation. As a part of the obstacles seniors face, this year’s 2018 graduating class has already completed the challenges of creating their own Senior Project.

  Here are the top tips from seniors regarding the Senior Project:

  • “ It [is] a lot of stress; stay on top of EVERYTHING!! DON’T SLACK.”
  • “Always stay on time; don’t fall behind, or else it’s almost impossible to get caught back up.”
  • Figure out what you want to do now so you have time to make sure you’re going to enjoy yourself and not waste your time.”
  • “Don’t stress it. The purpose of having a leader like Ms. Loversky pushing for change is to make it more suitable for you guys. I think you guys should have to suffer through all that we did, but I also want to see each and every one of you graduate.”
  • “Make sure you stay focused. It’s a ton of work. You have to actually try.”
  • “[I learned] that if I set a goal, I can do it.”
  • “I learned that it is way harder than it looks to construct a floor and install it. It takes hours and hours of time and requires patience.”
  • “[I learned] how to be a better leader and plan ahead.”
  • “I learned that the school board has a morbid appetite for making students hate their lives.”
  • “I wouldn’t have indulged myself into the senior project as much as I did. There were nights when I did homework from 4 o’clock to midnight. It wasn’t worth it.”
  • “[I would have] started it when I was supposed to.”
  • “No, I don’t regret anything. Obviously others didn’t necessarily do the project, so I regret feeling as if everything had to be done to the rigorous extent I did them.”
  • “I wish I practiced in front of class better.”
  • “DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. No matter what. You’ll regret it if you do. You will be super stressed, and it will SUCK. :(“
  • “I can do more than I thought I could. Hands on skills.”

  Remember, while this advice is helpful, everyone has a different experience with Senior Project. Essentially, this project is what you make it. Whether you heed this advice or not, just remember that you do not want a stressful senior year.