Picture perfect


No one can argue with the importance of aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds to this generation. If you were to walk up to a group of teenage girls taking pictures, you would likely overhear something like this:  “No, no, pose like this. It has to match my feed.”

A lot goes into having the perfect Instagram feed. The same filter, same brightness, same contrast. This way, when someone comes across your account, it looks like you have got it all together. Not everyone cares so much, though.

“I just wing it when I post and hope it all comes together,” Sarah Trotta, junior, said.

Most avid Instagrammers use VSCO or Lightroom, both free apps, to edit their photos. There are many free filters, but some people who take their Instagram career seriously will buy different filters.

“I like to use the filters that brighten the photo and enhance the colors because I feel that it really makes the picture pop,” Hannah Berastegui, senior, said.

Berastegui uses filters C8 and G6 on her photos from VSCO. Users can use any filter to create the vibe wanted on their pages. A popular filter to use for vibrant photos is C1. People easily notice that accounts with consistent filters on good quality photos receive more followers and likes. Receiving this attention is the goal of most teens who post on Instagram.

Now that you know all of the Instagram hacks, download VSCO, and start posting.