Building champions


For the Etowah JV Boys’ Soccer Team, this past season was a learning experience. The 2018 Eagles finished with a record of three wins, three ties, and six losses. 

“The season was an okay one. Next year, the team will be more experienced and get better results than we did this year,” Patrick Kinsella, sophomore, said.  

The team, although not completely satisfied with its season, is not discouraged. Next season, returning members look forward to better performances.  

“The potential to where our team is going to go is extremely bright. I don’t measure it by wins and losses. I measure it by where they’ll [the team] will be by senior year, and by senior year we’ll be winning state championships,” Eric Burton, JV Boys’ coach, said. 

Players on the team are hopeful about where the team will be in the future. As the players grow in their skills as well as their team bond, the outlook for future seasons becomes increasingly positive.  

“I believe we have great potential, and that will show next year,” Noah Bloomer, sophmore, said.  

Each year, many players will leave the team to join varsity, so it is important to remember the purpose of a junior varsity team is to create a space where players can grow and be pushed to increase their future potential. 

“The growth that we had this year was the highlight. The JV team is a learning experience. And that’s the point. Every year, the team is massively different,” Burton said.  

Using this year’s lessons as a guide, the boys are hungry for success. Next year, watch out for the Etowah JV Boys’ Soccer Team to take flight.