Working to the last bell

Garrett Estes

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It happens.  One sits there with a pen in his hand, yet lacks the force of will to actually use it.  Some will pass judgement; other students nod their heads in agreement with this article.  If that is you, fear not because here is some advice to stay on track.

  It may seem that with the school year is ending, all grades are invincible to failure.  That is why it is important to stay on track with your work now more than ever. One slip late in the year could really hurt your grades.  Try creating a schedule for your work to make sure you get everything done.

  With finals on the way, studying should be vital.  Everyone has a different strategy for studying. A factor that is always important for studying is a good environment to get work done.  Find a quiet, well-lit area with minimal distractions. Make sure that this area also has all the items needed for working and studying.

 Students must also make sure they do not overwork themselves due to the pressure and stress that the end of the year can bring.  Take breaks when needed, and reward yourself for a job well done. With this, you are well-equipped with the proper information to survive the end of yet another school year.