No more plaincation


  Many Etowah students are stuck at home for spring break and think there is nothing to do on a staycation. However, there are many opportunities to explore Atlanta and experience Georgia in a different way. Here are four things to do for a staycation:

  • Georgia has many hiking trails, such as Amicalola Falls, Tallulah Gorge, and Red Top Mountain. Tallulah Gorge and Red Top Mountain have a place for camping, whereas Amicalola Falls has a beautiful lodge without camping abilities. They all offer scenery that can be relaxing on sunny days.
  • In Downtown Woodstock, there are often events that go on, including an 11 week video series on the U.S. Constitution produced by David Barton on Monday, Apr. 2 at Papa’s Pantry and The Master’s Training Center in Woodstock. This will teach about the beginnings of the U.S. and America’s foundings. Click here for more information.
  • Movie theaters, such as Cherokee 16 and AMC, and malls, such as Town Center and the outlets in Woodstock, are open nearly all day.  Maybe it is finally time to see “Black Panther” at the theater.
  • Something that students may not look forward to but is important is Driver’s Ed. It is a good idea for freshmen and sophomores wanting to get their license at 16. Enrolling in Driver’s Ed or a defensive driving course at any age can give an insurance discount of up to 10 percent.
  • Staying at home and sleeping in the same bed may not feel like a vacation. To change it up, camp out in the backyard. It is closer to civilization than actually camping.

  Although it is not a beach resort or a city that never sleeps, Woodstock has many beautiful things to see and do. Students can enjoy spring break in town by just staying at home or going out with friends. Either way, spring break is a time to relax and have fun.