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Garrett Estes

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 With the Golden Globes behind us, the awards show season is now afoot; from the Grammy Awards to the mother of all award shows: the Oscars.  Since general audiences do not always have the time to watch most of the movies nominated for Best Picture, here is a review of the films nominated for Best Picture in the 90th annual Oscar Awards.


“Dunkirk” – a thriller following Allied soldiers in 1940 who become trapped on the beach of Dunkirk.


“Get Out” – this horror film uses a black man meeting white girlfriend’s parents as a way to shed satiric light on interracial relationships in modern America.  


“Lady Bird” – a visionary coming of age story about a high school girl and her mother.  

“The Shape of Water” – a period piece about a mute woman who works for a government  laboratory.  Her life changes when she finds and develops a relationship with an unknown scaled creature.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” – this film follows the events of an unsolved murder and the mother that paints billboards trying to get it solved.


“The Post” – a Steven Spielberg film about the hardships overcome by Katharine Graham, the first woman to run a major American newspaper.


“Call Me by Your Name” – a romantic period piece following two young male lovers in 1983.


“Darkest Hour” – the second World War II period film on the list; it shows Winston Churchill through his days as prime minister during the Dunkirk evacuation.


“Phantom Thread” – set in postwar Britain, this film tells the story of Reynolds Woodcock and his muse of the fashion industry.