Hobgood lights up for a cause

Hobgood lights up for a cause

Christmas time has come once more, and everyone is preparing; lights are coming out of their boxes, wreathes have reappeared, and ugly Christmas sweaters are back in season. Hobgood is no exception to these holiday antics.  

“It’s very beautiful to see all of the different lights from various organizations that support great causes. It’s nice to be with your family and friends and have a good time,” Emily Smith, sophomore, said. 

At the park, decorations have been strung, trees have been adorned with ornaments, and the annual Holiday Lights of Hope display has come together once again. Volunteers from a variety of programs gathered on the 26th of November to help set up and bring the Christmas magic back to life once more. 

Every year during the first few weeks of December, Hobgood park creates this display. The whole exhibit has more than 2,000,000 lights for viewers, along with concessions and vendors participating and a Santa for children. The tickets are only ten dollars, and children under 14 get in for free. Some people may argue that it’s overpriced, but all the money raised through the program go straight to benefit the Anna Crawford Children’s Center. 

“The whole thing is for a great cause and it’s so fun. It makes you happy that you donated, and you get to see the lights at the same time,” Bella McCollum, freshman, said. 

Holiday Lights of Hope also includes different activities apart from the lights for people who buy tickets. Chick-fil-A hosts the Cherokee County Christmas Maze, and the Tunnel of Hope is another option for kids of all ages. Live carolers and musicians also lend participants their time and perform on stage near the center of the four baseball fields. 

“I thought all of the decoration that came from the groups and organizations was magical, because whenever you see children walk into the exhibits they’re all super excited. It shows you what the holidays are all about,” Ezra Robles, senior, said. 

Whether you are looking for something fun to do with our friends on a Friday night or searching for the perfect opportunity for a date, Holiday Lights of Hope has you covered.