Senior spotlight: Maddie Froman

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Holly Kate O’Brien

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Hey batter batter, swing
January 17, 2020
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Senior spotlight: Maddie Froman

What is your favorite part about being a senior this year?

My favorite part about being a senior this year is being able to be a part of all the senior activities.

What will you miss the most once you have graduated?

When I graduate I’ll miss cheering on the sidelines on Friday nights the most.

What are you going to miss the least?

I will probably not miss the 8 hour days of being in class.

Where do you hope to attend college? What do you plan on majoring in?

I am attending Fairmont State University in West Virginia and I plan on majoring in Broadcast Journalism.

What had been your most notable memory throughout your high school career?

My most notable memory throughout my high school career would be when I was on the competition cheer team and we made it to state.