Helpful Horn

Grayce Ledford, Reporter

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The freshmen are not the only new faces at Etowah. This year, Etowah welcomed a new principal, Robert Horn. After having taught many subjects as a teacher, Horn is in a new role. 

“I wanted a profession where I can branch and do different things and have some variety,” Horn said. 

Horn plans on making Etowah as great as it can be. He does not necessarily think that the high school “needs to be fixed,” but he has some ideas on what can benefit the students and the future of Etowah. Considering his relatively short tenure here, Horn has already created the CCR bell to help students who cross campus for a class. This is a bell that rings three minutes earlier than the usual one, and keeps students from rushing to get to their next period. Horn explains this should be done for students that usually struggle to get to their cross-campus classes.  

“The cross-campus to me just made sense,” Horn said. 

Although retirement is not even on the horizon, Horn already has plans for his. He wants to be involved with community service after his retirement. He has always had a passion for community service because of his handicapped brother.  

“It would be something to do to give back to the community,” Horn said.  

It is clear that Horn is not like any other principal that Etowah has had. He is very driven to make Etowah an unforgettable place, and hopes he will bring great things to the school, as well as creating his own legacy in the process.