Attack of the killer pumpkins

Garrett Estes

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It is fall once again, time for turkey, sales, falling leaves, and dropping temperatures.  

You can tell Autumn has arrived from pumpkin spice everything.  From drinks, to food, to candles, pumpkin spice has taken over.  However, while these are items we normally attribute to this seasonal flavor, it gets weirder. 

“I ate a pumpkin spice doughnut once, and it was cool tasting,” Trinity Andrews, Junior, said.  

For those looking to make pumpkin bagels twice as festive, add pumpkin spice cream cheese on it.  A good way to spread both flavor and holiday cheer, and it can be found in almost any grocery store.  

Looking for some stranger things?  Try pumpkin spice tortilla chips? While they might be more difficult to find than coffee, it is still a fun experience to share with friends.  While you are at it, buy some pumpkin spice salsa to dip it in.  It is perfect for your fall festivities. 

Pumpkin spice hot cereal, barbeque sauce, or soda?  At this point, it has gotten out of hand.  There are pumpkin spice kale chips, dippers, and even pumpkin spice vinegar.  Just wait until winter when there will be gingerbread and peppermint versions of everything.  It never ends.  The cycle of pointless consumerism goes on forever as the cogs in the machine of commercialism take their toll.