From strings to stanzas


Everyone has a passion. Some like to dance; some prefer to sing, and some love to write. Sophomore Mckenna Guinn has a passion for writing and loves the freedom she gets within journalism.

‘’I would write random short stories just for fun,’’ Guinn said.

Guinn usually writes narratives , poetry, and songs. She likes to do a lot of things that bring her happiness, but she is very fond of writing and would like to pursue her love by majoring in  journalism or composition, or maybe even photography.

‘’I get to express myself,’’ Guinn  said.

Another passion of hers is music. Guinn plays the guitar and the ukulele.  She listens to pop punk, instrumentals, and likes music she relates to.

‘’I came from a musical dad who always had music playing,’’ Guinn said.

‘’I like to write to kind of get away from school , and anything that may not make me happy,’’ Guinn said.

When she is not making music or writing, Guinn likes to photograph.  She likes taking pictures of nature more than she likes taking pictures of actual people. Guinn started just a few years ago on a normal camera phone. She has recently gotten a Canon camera to take pictures.

‘’ It’s a way for me to remember certain things in my life,’’ Guinn said.

Guinn shares many devotions in her life, and she has time to do them all. She enjoys taking time and doing what she loves. She will continue her love for writing and photography since it is something that brings her joy.