How to be the freshest freshman

Garrett Estes

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Salutations, freshmen and freshwomen. This is your boy, G-Soph, and I am here to tell all you cool cats how to be super stylish in high school.  High school is intimidating, but with my help, you can make the best of it: I will teach you how to get friends, ace your classes, and hang out with your crush. 

First of all, be yourself.  Is that the cheesiest advice ever?  Yes it is, but it holds truth.  You will find someone who shares your same interests sooner or later.  Do not force yourself into a particular friend group.  Do not give in to the haters, and you will be a lot happier.   

Work hard freshmen.  Work hard and walk fast.  That is the best advice you will get at Etowah.  Upperclassmen hate when freshmen move slowly or walk next to each other in big lines taking up the whole hallway.  You can talk to your friend or flirt with your crush another time, but not in-between classes. 

Crushes are also a major part of high school, and you will most likely have dozens of them.  That is fine!  Just be sure to remember that most are just crushes and nothing more.  As for getting an actual boyfriend or girlfriend, it is not something that you should rush.  Talk to people; get to know who they are, and if feelings develop well, then go from there.  

Make sure to leave the upperclassmen alone, and they will leave you alone.  If you try to go around picking fights, good luck.  Also, a word of advice freshmen gals: do not date upper classmen.  Most of the time these older guys are just messing with your feelings. 

So just follow these tips, and you too can be the freshest freshman Etowah has ever known.  And remember, always buy your pool pass before they sell out.  I am still selling, so please meet me behind the Bojangles’ after midnight with all your cash, ID, and social security card.