Guiding principal


Etowah has several new administrators this year, but the captain of the ship is Robert Horn. The new principal is striving to make students prepared for the future.  

“The reason I got into education was because some of the influence that some of my high school teachers and coaches had on me, and I wanted to have that impact on students,” Horn said.  

Horn’s reasons for becoming a principal are because he wanted to be doing different things each day, and not doing the same task every day.  

“I wanted a profession where I can branch and do different things,” Horn said.  

Horn created new rules to benefit students and teachers, not for himself. He made the cross-campus release bell because he wanted students to be able to get to class on time, and for teachers to not have to waste precious class time on the students who were late.  

“I think that people need more specific guidelines. We need to give you guys a head start, and that is why I think we needed the CCR bell,” Horn said. 

Horn’s biggest priorities are to get students well educated and get them into a good college. He is the “captain of the ship” simply steering us to success.