Recipe for success


Madeline Bernard finds creativity not only in the kitchen, but also in her writing.  

“I love the fact that I can hide in between the lines in my writing and be myself,” Bernard said.  

Having her grandmother as a role model, Bernard learns to become a better writer step by step.  Her grandmother was a teacher and an author, which this is why Bernard looks up to her. She finds many ways to write and share her love of writing with others with the help of her grandmother. She shows the love she has for print by sitting down and writing whatever she feels after a long day.  Bernard loves that writing is never about only one thing or for only one person.   

When she is not writing, Bernard loves to be in the kitchen baking fudge and cookies for family and friends. 

“I love to cook because I like making somebody else happy after eating because I made them a meal,” Bernard said.  

Being able to provide for her family gives Bernard a way to smile. She loves to get together with her family every Sunday and watch her uncle and father experiment in the kitchen. She likes to cook anything in the range of her expertise. 

“I love that I can find my own kind of creativity in the kitchen and in my writing,” Bernard said. 

Bernard is a mind full of creativity, writing, and recipes, and shares her love for writing and baking with family and friends. Bernard bakes and brings in food occasionally to her journalism class. She is excited to start writing during her second year as a staff member for Etowah High School’s, The Talon