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Haley James

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Taking a toll
May 23, 2019

Superstition is a part of everyday life. We have all heard the stories about walking under a ladder, or the tales of how black cats are an evil omen. In many sports movies, teams or players perform superstitious rituals or team bonding before games and magically win in the last second. While some athletes are convinced that superstition is only a fairy tale, others believe that the slightest change in routine could cause their game to spiral downhill.

Etowah girls’ varsity soccer team is kicking some major tail this year.  Varsity head coach, Lindsey Minar, knows all their work is paying off, as the team has had a great season with a 10-4 record. While the talent is clearly present in the players, Minar has a pregame ritual, as well.

“During our team huddle, everyone has their arms around each other and puts their right foot in front of them with their toes pointed to the right. Our team cheer is “Yeah, baby on 3;  1, 2, 3 yeah, baby!” We do this before every single game,” Minar said.

While many teams have a go to battle cry, others have a different way of getting their heads in the game. Etowah’s varsity baseball team, currently ranked fourth in the 4AAAAAAA Region Standings, says a quick prayer before every game to get focused and stay motivated. With a current record of 18-12, their prayers seem to be paying off as they head into the playoffs.

Although the rest of the teams interviewed do not have any superstitions in mind, everyone has a way to get prepped for the grind. Whether it is listening to some wacky trap music or taking the more mellow route of stretching, preparation for game day is never taken lightly.

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