Is a spring break body worth it?

It is time for spring break, and everyone is scrambling to get into shape. Everyone wants that Instagram model look when we head to the beach. Vacation is the peaking point for Snapchat stories, Instagram posts, and Twitter feeds. If you go on any social media outlet, you are bound to see at least one post dedicated to someone’s spring break body. Everyone flaunts about their perfect lives, and everyone wants the perfect body to match.

“People shouldn’t try to change themselves for other people; they should be doing it for themselves,” Drew Madsen, junior, said.

As a religious member of LA Fitness, I see more and more high school students flooding the gym to get into shape as the days pass. With only days left, everyone is kicking it into high gear. The drive to get into shape is definitely real, although in my opinion, the pressure of having a nice body is over-hyped.

“I mean no one is ever happy with the way their body looks. It’s not feasibly possible to get your body the way you want in the time everyone gives themselves,” Olivia Dorsey, freshman, said.

While abs are nice to flaunt on the beach, the reality is most people will forget what you wore or what your body looked like. Most are too focused on their own lives to really pay attention. No matter what your body type is, go out and take cute pictures on the beach. Get a tan (but do not forget the sunscreen!).  Snapchat a picture of the sunset, but most importantly, enjoy your time during your last homework-free week.