Ball’s big break

Garrett Estes, Staff reporter

Beth Ball is one of Etowah’s newest teachers, and already loves being at Etowah.  Ball teaches biology and anatomy and is very excited to meet all of the school’s students as individuals and learn about the all school’s traditions.

“My favorite thing is meeting all the new kids,” Ball said.

Ball is also currently in charge of the Science National Honor Society along with Dr. Heglund and Mr. Murnan.  The club is an invitation only club where students participate in activities and provide services in the area of science.

“I have always loved science and I actually didn’t go to school to become a teacher.  I finished college and worked various jobs but the one I loved best was teaching education programs at the zoo.  When the opportunity to become a classroom teacher came up, I jumped on it!” Ball said.

Ball got both her undergrad and masters in biology at Georgia State University.

“It was a one-stop shop,” Ball said.

After college she taught biology at Roswell High School for eight years only to come to Etowah for her ninth year of teaching.