Must See TV

Everyone has an old movie ready for a rainy day, typically ones that will be a part of their tween years forever. For the millennials, technology has developed greatly, resulting in more high-tech movies. But sometimes it is good to go back to the movies with fewer effects and more plot, which is why this list of some of the greatest movies of previous decades exists.

10. “G-Force

“G-Force” takes viewers on a journey with a team of highly-trained guinea pigs on a mission to save the world.

9. “Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is dating the cutest boy on campus. Or, she was, until he ended it because she was too blonde. After her fresh ex, Warner, departs for Harvard, Elle follows him and leaves her spot as president of her sorority behind for good. “Legally Blonde” shows people the journey of a woman breaking out of her blonde stereotype and learning that the world is made of more than men and shoes.

8. “Mean Girls”

After living in Africa, Cady Heron moves back to the United States, trying to learn the ropes at her new school. North Shore High School is notorious for its most popular girl clique, otherwise referred to as “The Plastics,” and Cady finds herself caught up in their drama after she catches feelings for the Queen Bee’s ex.

7. “The Ring”

A mother and journalist sets out on a journey to save her son’s life after he accidentally watched a mysterious video tape. After digging through another family’s haunting past, what she finds might just kill her.

6. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

Knowing his days of faking illness are limited, Ferris Bueller embarks on a trip to make his last “sick day” one to remember. After mapping out a perfect day in Chicago involving his best friend Cameron and girlfriend Sloane, it seems he is all set. However, a determined school dean and Ferris’s own sister trying to call his bluff make skipping class much more difficult.

5. “Freaky Friday”

It is universally known that not all rebellious teens get along with their mothers. However, Anna Coleman and her mother, Dr. Tess Coleman, are forced into each other’s shoes after an unfortunate fortune cookie incident causes a literal role reversal.

4. “Madagascar”

Four animals are shipped back to their homeland after animal rights activists decide the zoo is not fit for them. When the ship is misdirected and the animals are left stranded on Madagascar, they have to learn to care for themselves after a lifetime of humans doing everything for them.

3. “10 Things I Hate About You”

Who says Shakespeare is boring? This remake has Bianca Stratford as the only girl in school who cannot date. And a house rule says she will only be allowed to if her rebellious sister, Kat, finds a suitor, too. Considering Kat finds everyone at the school repulsive, Bianca feels hopeless. With the help of a newfound friend, Bianca scrambles to find her sister a boyfriend in time for prom.  

2. “Starstruck”

Christopher Wilde is one of the biggest pop sensations in his time. He has a movie debut on its way, a world tour starting soon, and millions of fans around the globe. Jessica Olsen is not one of those fans. But when her older sister drags her to a club in hopes of finding the pop star, an accidental run in leaves Jessica with her head spinning.

1. “High School Musical”

Years after these movies first aired, people still watch them constantly. The High School Musical trilogy takes us through the life of the popular basketball star, the new girl, and the rich drama queen in three explosive movies.