Ball or nothing

Garrett Estes

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Ball or nothing

Unfortunately, what people are saying about Principal Ball leaving is true. As of February 17, he will be leaving Etowah. He has found a job in New York where he finds college funding for kids in low economic areas that have high college potential which is something he is very passionate about doing. Not only this, but Ball is from and will be back home with his family. He has done so much for Etowah and is a major reason why the school is as successful as it is today.

During his tenure as principal he not only cleaned up the schools campus, but raised the attendance and academic achievement school-wide. Therefore, it is no surprise that many students, parents and teachers alike are upset at the thought of his departure from Etowah.

All we can do know now though is hope that the next principal with will be just as good. Many people however, are also very unsure about who will be Etowah’s next principal. Whatever happens with the new principal, let us just hope he does not drop the ball.