‘Tis the season for fall finals

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Madeline Bernard

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Fall final exams are upon us, and teachers prepared more than ever. Reviews, homework, practice quizzes, and projects made their way into nearly every classroom. Here are some ideas to help study for your finals:

  • Make yourself a study schedule. Know when you plan to study.
  • Form study groups. You can have somebody help explain material you do not understand.
  • Study in increments. Instead of piling it all into your brain at once, take it slowly.
  • Listen to music. According to USC News, instrumental music helps to relax the brain even when not paying attention to it.
  • Know how you learn best, and study that way. If you are a kinesthetic learner, make models. If you are a visual learner, draw it out. If you are an auditory learner, record yourself saying notes, then listen to your recording.
  • Be comfortable, but not too comfortable. You do not want to be falling asleep, but you want to like your surroundings.
  • If you like studying on your laptop or phone, here is a website that helps you stay studying: http://selfcontrolapp.com/.
  • Healthy food in your body helps you stay awake and retain information better.
  • Sleep well the night before. Getting eight or nine hours of sleep can help you feel refreshed.
  • Lastly, let yourself relax. Worrying only causes more distractions.