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With Michelle Obama’s healthy kick-start in schools, the items available in vending machines all around the United States have changed quite drastically. As Principal, do you have the authority to decide what Etowah specifically sells in the vending machine? And if so, if the students started a petition and got a certain number of signatures, would you put some sweets back into the vending machine? – The Talon Staff
Great question and one I get all of the time.  Food at school is absolutely not in my power to change. The federal government regulates all food options that can be consumed by students via vending machines and food services programs like breakfast and lunch.  Foods that do not meet the “Smart Snacks” Federal regulations which is pretty much anything with a certain fat and sugar content, can only be offered 30 minutes after school and not after midnight.  These tight restrictions is the reason Chick-fil-A Biscuits and some of your favorite drinks and snacks are not permitted.
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