Helping Etowah one student at a time

Garrett Estes

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Cathy Alexander is Etowah High School’s first ever school nurse, but why a need for a school nurse all of a sudden?

“I think it had to do with money, that they got funding for high school nurses,” Alexander said.

Alexander came to the school last year, but this is her first full year at Etowah.  Before her arrival, students had to go into the front office to receive medicine and first aid.
“It is something new every day,” Alexander said.

Alexander earned her degree in nursing from Georgia Southwestern.  She worked at Little River Preschool as their nurse before coming to Etowah.  She enjoys her new job tremendously.

“I love working with high schoolers.  You all are very interesting,” Alexander said.

Many students do not know that the school has a nurse, or where she is located.  Alexander’s office is located on the upper floor of the administration building, room 7220.