Quit clowning around

Green Bay clown carrying black balloons.

Gags - The Green Bay Clown/Facebook

Green Bay clown carrying black balloons.

With the national ‘creepy clown’ epidemic spreading rapidly throughout the world, it seems to be getting even worse as Halloween nears. There are multiple theories circling around, but no one is really sure why or what made these clowns begin to pop up like an unwelcome jack-in-the-box all over the nation.

The sightings started in August when someone reported a clown lurking in Greenville County, South Carolina. Residents of Fleetwood Manor Apartments spotted the clown near their facility trying to lure kids into the woods.

“I think there really aren’t as many clowns as the media tells us, and I feel like it’s all one big joke that has spread rapidly,” Shannon Filbey, freshman, said.

Since then, the sightings have only grown, and over two dozen states reported seeing scary clowns. Seven people also face charges for making terroristic threats involving these clowns. This national craze led to clown hunts in colleges, and the banning of clown costumes in some states.

“Why would you want to stand around and wait to scare people? You can do that and not have to dress up as a clown; it’s ridiculous.” Ian Notarthomas, sophomore, said.

Besides just the jump scares and crazy costumes, videos of clown attacks online are also ruining careers. Professional clowns are quickly losing their jobs, and being run out of business due to clients’ terror. Many clowns have had to give up their businesses and find new professions.

Even McDonald’s has put its mascot, Ronald McDonald, on hiatus due to all of the hysteria. Though he has been in their commercials for decades, the company is shelving Ronald until the controversy dies down.

The situation has even gone as far as people all around the world taking matters into their own hands. A neighborhood hero in Cumbria, England, decided to step in and stop the madness. Clad in a Batman suit, the caped crusader chased down a clown terrorizing children in the area, and a local kid praised the man on Facebook for taking action and making the community feel safe again.