Mad for March


Basketball has made a name for itself as one of the most popular sports in America, and, for the fans, March is known for one thing and one thing only: March Madness.  

Throughout March, it is not uncommon to walk the hallways of Etowah High School and witness students craning their necks as they stare at their phones, shouting various basketball team names. March Madness is one of the most anticipated events among sports fans across the nation, as people eagerly create brackets and engage in friendly competition to watch teams battle it out on the court.  

“My bracket is looking okay at the moment. [March Madness] is a stressful but fun time of year. I always enjoy watching all the games, cheering for random teams I have never heard of, and loving the sport of basketball,” Ryan Tipper, senior, said. 

This month, all the college basketball teams across the United States battle to compete in the NCAA (National College Athletic Association) championships to become the national champions. Taking place every spring, the NCAA tournaments are traditional celebrations that send many fans into chaos, which gives the tournament its “March Madness” nickname. March Madness is the fun-filled, anxiety-inducing time where 64 teams are fighting for college basketball’s biggest prize: tournament champions. 

“I have been following it closely, I would say. I am surprised that Alabama did not make it all the way, but I am excited to see who makes it to the finals,” Eric Martinez, junior, said.  

Students and adults of all different ages make brackets in order to compete against each other. People create these brackets and place each team in a game against another team, where they also must choose who will win the game and what team will go on to the games’ next series. The point of doing this activity is to challenge others and see what teams advance and how they do so. Individuals nationwide participate in this for the game’s fun and excitement. 

“The Final Four this year is filled with teams of vastly different styles and strengths — FAU relies heavily on 3-pointers, San Diego State’s strength is predicated on stopping teams in that specific facet — and the pace of play ranges from fairly quick (Miami) to snail-speed (San Diego State),” Kyle Boone said on CBS News. 

Keep up with the March Madness tournaments on NCAA, and be sure to stay tuned for live updates on the NCAA’s website.