Breaking records “One Thing at a Time”

credits: Music Mayhem Magazine

credits: Music Mayhem Magazine

“One Thing at a Time” took no time at all to break Spotify records as the most streamed male artist country album in a single day. Morgan Wallen’s 36-song project has captured the classic country genre, amongst other themes, with lyrics about alcohol and heartbreak. Listeners everywhere tuned in on March 3 to stream Wallen’s newest release and third album while Nashville fans let the music fuel their excitement for the free pop-up concert later that evening. 

Wallen announced the concert on March 2, letting followers know about his debut and that the ticket purchase would be old-school. Embracing the idea, fans lined up outside the Bridgestone Arena, the intended location for his concert and waited patiently to get their hands on tickets. Despite the short notice, tickets were sold out in a matter of hours.  

“I love the new Morgan Wallen album because it has so many songs that so many people would like. It is probably my favorite album, and I think it is so cool that he did a free pop up concert, and I wish I could have gone,” Caroline Byars, senior, said. 

The show started off with an introductory song from the album, proceeding with the songs’ stripped-back versions, focusing on just Wallen and his band’s essential aspects as well as several hits from the years following Wallen’s first release. Despite a few guest appearances in some of the songs, the night only depicted Wallen, his band, and the packed arena. His spotlight in recent years has not only resulted from his talent alone, as a video showing Wallen using a racial slur in 2021 placed negative light on the artist and sparked backlash nationwide; however, the March 3rd concert was free from any mention of the incident.  

“While Wallen and his band members kept things on a slightly more casual level, they still brought their A-game, which was accompanied by the perfect level of production. Nothing too intense or eccentric, but just enough to let his vocals take the lead and match the feel-good atmosphere,” Country Now said in an article.   

A two-hour performance filled the arena with country music’s sweet sound, bringing the audience in touch with Wallen’s southern roots. To honor his Tennessee hometown, Wallen sang “Tennessee Fan.” The new album closed with a song titled “Dying’ Man,” in which Wallen wrote for his son, Indigo Wilder, who was present for the pop-up and performed it during the concert. When the concert drew to a close, Wallen joined the crowd for pictures and autographs, highlighting just how special this night was for the artist and his fans. 

“I really was not big on Morgan Wallen at first (…), but after his sampler that he released, I started to listen to more and more songs until his new album came out. When people think Morgan Wallen, they think only country music coming from him, but Morgan uses different kinds of beats to his songs, which always surprises anyone who listens to him because you do not know what his next song will be like,” Cam Boulanger, sophomore, said. 

While most Etowah students did not attend the free concert, “One Thing at a Time” still found its way to many headphones on Friday. If one has not had the chance to listen to the record-breaking album, check out Apple Music or Spotify to hear what Wallen has to say—or sing.