Hydration fixation

credits: The New York Times

credits: The New York Times

In 2019, it was the Hydroflask that swarmed school campuses. The following seasons were peppered with the Yeti cup’s popularity. 2022 eclipsed into a new year with a new water bottle obsession: the Stanley. This teenage generation seems to be jumping from one water bottle fixation to another, but which is worth the overwhelming price? 

Each water bottle brand has its own avid following that constantly has the cups sold out, and when hunting for the perfect one, there are a few things to consider. The first aspect to keep in mind is a water bottle that is toxin-free. It should also be able to sustain low and high impacts, as it would be very disappointing to spend a fortune only for your bottle to dent at the slightest touch. Make sure your selection prevents leaks and will maintain your drink’s temperature for hours at a time. And possibly most importantly, you should pick a color and aesthetic that is perfect for you.  

“I like how big the Stanley is. You can fit 40 oz of water in it, which I like,” Sophie Metcalf, freshman, said. 

Here is the good news: Yeti, Hydroflask, and Stanley all use BPA-free materials, meaning it is made without chemicals, so you can guarantee your safety in any of their products. Hydroflask lovers are drawn to the impressive temperature retention, durability, and admire that it is simple to carry. Yeti offers a strong rival to Hydroflask’s durability claims, as the brand is known for its long lifespan. Next to its large size, the newest bottle obsession, the Stanley, largely stems from aesthetics, as the company offers a wide color selection, and the handle makes it easy to take from one place to another (especially on a campus like Etowah’s). TikTok boosts these brands’ popularity, as many teens view video after video featuring the bottles and fall in love with the trendy appearance.  

“Hydroflasks are definitely the best water bottle. Not only can you use them at school, but you can take them to sports practices, too. Stanley cups are not nearly as versatile, even though social media has made them really popular,” Bella Postel, junior, said. 

As this generation continues to debate the best water bottle, it is important to recognize that this fixation on hydration is not only beneficial to our health, but also to the environment. Using any of the brands mentioned will prevent unnecessary waste from plastic containers. And with each refill, you are refueling your muscles, boosting your productivity and brain function, clearing your skin, and building immunity.  

“The best water bottle brand is Yeti because it is able to keep water cold for the whole school day. The Yeti never dents or breaks because it is very durable, and it is also good for the environment due to it being reusable,” Kyle Tipper, senior, said. 

Whether your heart settles with the Hydroflask, Yeti, Stanley, or another brand entirely, consider investing in a reusable bottle that will boost your health and benefit the Earth.