Keeping up with Etowah


The new year brought in a new semester, challenging Etowah students yet again with busy schedules and difficult assignments. Even with the school year’s final months already tempting students with summer, one must stay focused on the second semester’s tasks to be as successful as possible.  

Step one to keeping the second semester laziness at bay is to maintain a motivation to tackle all things on one’s to-do list. Staying motivated is easier said than done, but to start, look for something in each class that may spark one’s interests. Doing this can help ensure that boredom does not overcome the desire for achievement. Taking breaks to get some movement in, grabbing a snack, or soaking up sunlight prevents students from experiencing burn out. Another important tip is to get enough sleep; use this new semester to fix one’s sleep schedule and reach maximum productivity. 

“I am going to do my best to stay motivated this semester by getting sleep and focusing on being productive/attentive with my time in hopes to minimize the burnout that I will feel at the end of the semester,” Jamari Maxime, junior, said. 

The next aspect to consider when striving for success is organization. Keeping track of assignments and daily tasks in a planner can bring structure to one’s routine and minimize stress that comes with memorizing everything that needs to be completed. There are plenty of apps available to create online lists (such as Google Calendar, MyStudyLife, or myHomework) if one finds themself intimidated with a hardcopy planner. Also, consider investing in a new binder or materials to limit the clutter found in one’s backpack.  

“As I prepare for college, I want to make sure I am organized and have good study skills and time management skills. I am going to be utilizing a digital agenda to keep things organized so I get all my assignments in on time, and I know what events I have on my calendar,” Joe Oburu, senior, said. 

The second semester provides the perfect opportunity to explore the best study methods that fit one’s needs. This varies for every student, but starting early, taking breaks, practicing good note-taking skills, and forming a study group are ways to start efficient study habits.  

“My goal is to focus on studying more often and to organize my notes better,” Chloe Pendley, freshman, said. 

Whether a senior or a freshman, many students find themselves experiencing a form of “senioritis” as the end of the school year approaches. Do not let this feeling become an obstacle on the path to success, and take these tips to embrace productivity and accomplishment.