The Thing about Wednesday


The Thing about Wednesday

By: Cheyenne Bradley

Snap twice for the newest addition to the Addams Family film franchise: “Wednesday.” The series is centered around the family’s teenager, Wednesday Addams, Morticia and Gomez Addams’ morbid daughter. The Netflix series revolves around her boarding school adventures and potential love stories. 

Just like her parents, Wednesday also attended Nevermore, a private school for the gifted children in society, also known as “outcasts.” Wednesday gets visions of the past and future, which end up assisting her in solving murder mysteries happening all around Jericho, the local town. 

“One of my favorites visions she had helped her stay out of danger and helped her find out who the creature was,” Sierra Cook, sophomore, said. 

While attending Nevermore, Wednesday has intense and sudden visions of classmates dying at the hands of a blood thirsty monster. Enid, Wednesday’s werewolf roommate, helps to unravel the creature’s identity in Jericho and her parents’ history at her school. 

“The characters had really good development, especially Enid and Wednesday, the most unlikely of friends at first, but they rubbed off on each other. The finale was amazing, and it was an amazing conclusion, and there is still more to come,” Jayden Mangan, junior, said. 

Following her experiences in Jericho, Wednesday finds herself in the middle of an unexpected love triangle between the local sheriff’s son, Tyler, and the school’s puzzling artist, Xavier. This debate has caused viewers to split between rooting for either of the love interests, Tyler or Xavier, though Wednesday herself resists both.  

“[I support] Tyler because he is mysterious and also kind of awkward in a cool way, and he fits Wednesday,” Hunter Bennett, senior, said. 

The television show has a Rotten Tomato rating of 72%, and 92% of viewers enjoyed the show. Although the audience may be split on the topic of love interests and murder suspects, one thing they can agree on is that “Wednesday” is an intriguing show that is worth watching. 

No way to ‘Hyde’ this announcement

By: Aislin Steiner


The Netflix show, “Wednesday” (produced by gothic icon Tim Burton) announced its renewal for a second season on Friday, Jan. 6. The show left off on a cliffhanger after the protagonist successfully escaped the clutches of the Hyde, a monster revealed to be Wednesday Addams’s love interest, Tyler Galpin. Not only can Tyler be seen transforming into the Hyde after being sedated and locked into the back of a truck, but the end of season one also shows Wednesday receiving texts from a not-so-friendly stalker.  

“I think that [the stalker] is definitely a huge cliffhanger because we do not know who it is and their intentions are not good. I think it is one of the characters we already know, yet it will be very unexpected, maybe someone that Wednesday is very close to,” Cali Unsworth, sophomore, said. 

“Wednesday” received international praise after its initial release in Nov. 2022. One scene in particular from the first season turned the show into a viral sensation, as this spooky protagonist went viral on TikTok for her goth-inspired dance moves at the Rave’N Dance. Many people began learning the dance to turn it into a trend on the app, dressing in all black and fashioning their hair in either an updo or twin braids similar to Wednesday herself. In the showrunner’s announcement for season two, they created an epic first for the television show by breaking the fourth wall and acknowledging the trend that “Wednesday” had inspired. The video was even set to the song that users have been dancing to on TikTok.   

“Over the past few weeks, I have been hunted, haunted, and mimicked millions of times across the Internet. It has been pure torture. Thank you,” Jenna Ortega, the Wednesday Addams’s actress, says in the trailer @wednesdaynetflix and @netflix posted on Instagram. 

Season two is surrounded by much anticipation and theories from fans. Now that Tyler has been exposed as an antagonist from the first season, many people are both disappointed and intrigued to see how it will change the love triangle. As introduced in the first season, it involves Wednesday, Tyler, and one of Wednesday’s Nevermore classmates and allies, Xavier Thorpe. Although, some are in favor of disregarding the love triangle between the two boys completely, and they are casting their vote in favor of Wednesday’s roommate and first real friend at their school for outcasts, Enid Sinclair.  

“I feel like Enid definitely had more chemistry with Wednesday than either of the two boys, mostly because of how Enid seemed to bring out the best in her,” Mackenzie Cain, junior, said. 

Whichever direction the producers choose to take when it comes to Wednesday’s love life, there is no doubt there are more questions to be answered with the new stalker character. Fans wonder if this character is one they have already become familiar with or if it is someone yet to be introduced in season two. There is also much confirming that Tyler’s storyline as the Hyde is not finished either, which could bring two antagonists head-to-head as the series continues.  

“I predict that while Wednesday will start to accept Xavier and trust him, Tyler will escape and try to finish what he started – but will not succeed. I think we will also find out who the stalker is, as they will likely try to attach Wednesday,” Rylee Thomas, sophomore, said. 

One can stream “Wednesday” on Netflix now, and for more information on the first season, check out this previous article on the Talon.