Enchanting the big screen

Enchanting the big screen

 In 2007, would-be princess Giselle did not find her fairy tale ending with a prince but rather with an ordinary man in New York City. Fifteen years later, the story portraying Giselle, her husband Robert, their daughter Morgan, and Giselle’s former fiancé, Prince Edward, along with his wife Nancy, is being revisited in “Disenchanted,” the sequel to “Enchanted.” 

“The one thing I especially loved about ‘Enchanted’ is the mix between animation and live action. I am very excited to see what they do with the characters in the sequel, and I am hoping the plot is as good as it is in the first one,” Scarlett Hare, junior, said. 

Since “Enchanted” was released, the movie has earned a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google reviews. It was first announced that a sequel was in the works on Dec. 10, 2020. “Disenchanted” is set to release to Disney+ on Nov. 18. Fans who first watched “Enchanted” as children are highly anticipating watching the sequel as they enter adulthood. 

“I think when you are a kid, the possibility of a real fairytale princess walking around in your world feels so magical. When you are much older, I think it reinforces the idea that magical people can come into your life no matter their background. As a kid, it is a possibility, but as an adult, it is a comical reality,” Lyla Dennis, senior, said. 

The official trailer, posted on the movie’s official Instagram, was released on Nov. 1, 2002. All of the original cast is set to resume their roles except for Rachel Covey, who played Morgan, and she will be replaced by Gabriella Baldacchino. Notable new additions to the cast include actresses Maya Rudolph, Jayma Mays, and Yvette Nicole Brown along with actor Kolton Stewart. There is much speculation on what role these new characters will play in the sequel.  

“I am looking forward to seeing Amy Adam’s character, Giselle, adjust to life in the real world. I am not too sure about all the new characters, but I am excited to see Maya Rudolph play a villain. She is hilarious,” Calvin Mims, senior, said.  

Stream “Enchanted” now on Disney+ before “Disenchanted” takes over the big screen on the 18th.