A teacher out of this world


With the 2022-23 school year well underway, Etowah High School welcomes the newest addition to its science department, Taylor Sey. He works to share his deep love for science and all things space-related with his students by teaching both Physical Science and Astronomy. 

“I just enjoy teaching science in general, it is something I am passionate about (…) I have always loved talking about space, so being able to teach the subject I am most passionate about and spreading passion to students is what I really love doing,” Sey said. 

Though Sey grew up wanting to become an astronaut, his dream did not go as planned. Sey tried to pursue working with military aircrafts, but he was told that his 6-foot-6 figure was too tall to pilot one. When he heard Etowah had teaching positions open, specifically for science, he jumped at the opportunity and found his calling.  

“I love to teach about stars, and how stars form and how two stars can orbit each other, like Tatooine from ‘Star Wars,’” Sey said. 

Claiming his drive for all things science is his love for teaching, Sey explains his love for the subject stems from his childhoodspecifically, from movies such as “Star-Wars” and “Star-Trek,” two of the most influential pieces of science fiction to date. 

“I loved ‘Star-Wars’ as a kid and ‘Star-Trek,’ as well, even growing up too, playing science fiction games like ‘Halo,’” Sey said. 

With a natural love for science and space, Sey hopes to spread his admiration for the subject to the students he teaches every day. Students can find Sey’s Physical Science and Astrology classes in room 1206.