To serve and protect


Students have heard it all before: they must graduate high school, go to college, and get a degree. However, the new Law and Justice teacher, Will Pauley, is ready to expand students’ options beyond the traditional schooling method and steer them towards a more suitable future. 

“There are jobs out there that you do not need [for a college degree], and I can provide you that information. I can help kids network because you do not need a college degree to go into law enforcement. You just need common sense,” Pauley said. 

Pauley has been in law enforcement for ten years and knows first-hand that college is not for everyone. He did not get a degree until after he was already on the police force, which was just a precaution in case he lost his job. However, he quickly gained valuable life experience that he now uses as stories and discussion topics in his lessons. Pauley is able to use his insights and resources to give kids a head start into a career that they truly enjoy. 

“I try to give real-world experience. I can tell you about laws, different people I have charged, different circumstances I have been in, or different investigations I have been involved in,” Pauley said.  

Pauley knows from personal experience how much a good reputation and network can help in a career. When he initially started at the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office after moving from Florida, he knew no one. Now, after working with the school police for a few years, he has made friends all over. With his guidance, students will be able to build connections and forge relationships that will help them in their chosen career fields. 

“I have had kids that say ‘I want to go to the federal level’ or ‘I want to be an attorney at law.’ I have friends who are attorneys, [and] I have a friend who is attached to the [federal agency]. It is all about networking,” Pauley said.  

Pauley’s classes are hands-on and interactive. He is completely committed to ensuring that students understand that college is not the only option out there, and they can be successful at whatever they put their minds to.