Fright-filled fun


The start of the Halloween season has arrived, meaning the fear-filled fun has begun. Students are especially excited this year to go to one of the two most popular haunted activities, Paranoia and Fright Fest, along with other terrifying adventures. 

Paranoia is a well-known haunted house that brings visitors through one or two different buildings. The event is known for its interactive experience and elaborate decorations. The first of the two houses, The Extraction, is less intense, and the actors are legally not allowed to touch any of the visitors. However, if one decides to go to the second building, The Wretched, they may feel the scarers’ hands grip their ankles and wrists. Each year, the houses change, creating a sense of surprise, even for returning guests. 

“I love Paranoia because it gives me a fun rush of adrenaline and puts me in the mood for Halloween,” Arden Bankston, sophomore, said. 

During Halloween, the Six Flags theme park shifts its family-friendly setting to a haunted adventure as it is transformed into Fright Fest at night. The month-long event consists of workers dressed up as horror characters who roam the park and chase visitors. The rides are still open for guests to enjoy while being chased around by terrifying actors. 

“I think Fright Fest is super fun because there are multiple haunted houses featured in the park along with rollercoasters to ride,” Connor Pearson, junior, said. 

Some like to find other ways to enjoy the spooky season without being in constant fear of zombies chasing them. Many have fun at corn mazes, haunted farms, or even ghost tours. These create a different, less scary experience for students that still gets their adrenaline rushing. 

“I personally love going to haunted farms because I get to hang out with my friends and get some fun scares,” Lily Riggins, freshman, said. 

While some enjoy the haunted house experience, others love the idea of a spooky roller coaster ride. Whether one chooses to partake in Paranoia, Fright Fest, or other scary adventures, they will still get to enjoy the iconic Halloween season with a nice scream.